Port of Coupeville




1. CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Meeting was called to order at 10:03 by Commission President Diamanti at the Coupeville Masonic Lodge, 804 North Main, Coupeville followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. ROLL CALL: Commissioners Present: Mike Diamanti. John Mishasek, William Bell Staff: Forrest Rambo, Executive Director;
Kristi O’Donnell, Events Coordinator
Damon Stadler, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Public Attending: See attached Sign In Sheet.


5.1 Monthly financial statements for March 2016 were presented by Katie Munoz of Jones Accounting Associates (JAA) who has had our account just since 1 April. She responded to Commissioner questions regarding how Reserve Account items are shown and the process for funds going into and out of the account. She also went over specific line items in the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement responding to questions from Commissioners. Commissioner Mishasek asked if all Commissioners were using the same reimbursement request form. It was determined that we currently have two versions of the form and Commissioners agreed that the newer one should be used. Monthly financial statements were approved as presented.

5.2 Approval of current vouchers. Commissioner Bell noted that he had not seen the vouchers. This led to a discussion of possibly having a workshop portion of each meeting at the beginning so these can be approved in advance of the main meeting. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the voucher process and warrant process touching on requirements of the RCW and the County’s procedures. At this point Commissioners reviewed the vouchers presented. Rambo noted that JAA is having to re-enter payroll and other accounts information provided by our previous accounting services going back to December 2015. Munoz also noted that a 5% IRS penalty on our payroll taxes was narrowly averted and the Port had to be re-enrolled with the IRS. Commissioner Mishasek noted that there were no voucher numbers on the items presented. Munoz stated that voucher numbers were not required but could be added if the Commissioners so chose.

Public Comment: David Day, Former Port Executive Director, stated that the RCW requires a range of voucher numbers be included in the motion. He subsequently noted that in the past each invoice was attached to a voucher and each group of vouchers was accompanied by a cover sheet listing their respective vouchers’ numbers. These were transmitted to Commissioners electronically in advance of the meeting. He also noted


that vouchers are generated in-house and warrants/checks are issued by the county to actually pay the invoiced items.
Commissioner Diamanti suggested Munoz contact Donna at Edwards and Associates and Cher Lafferty at the County to get clarification on the required and desired process for handling vouchers and warrants. Munoz said the voucher and warrant numbers could be supplied in the future.

Vouchers were approved as presented, as follows;

Payroll of Expenditures of Total

$10,313.67 $ 9, 916.24 $ 20,230.41

5.3 Minutes of the March 9, 2016 were approved as presented.

6. PRESENTATONS –Vicki Chambers, Executive Director of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association (CHWA), a participant in the national Main Street Program, involved with preservation of small town commercial districts via economic redevelopment. CHWA collaborates with other organizations including the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce and the Port with events and promotions, such as Mussel Fest, to attract visitors to town. One project assists building owners by funding façade improvements through a “Pennies for Preservation” effort. In 2015 CHWA selected the Coupeville Wharf to be a recipient of these funds and set about putting donation jars in town businesses to collect people’s spare change toward this project. She also noted the Coupeville Festival Association is supporting this fundraising activity with grant funding. As a result of all their efforts, they are making a “bagful o’ pennies” donation of $ 2,681.52. She asked that this money be used specifically for repair and replacement of the public access steps leading to the beach adjacent to the wharf entryway. Linda Eccles of the Chamber noted that the preservation effort will continue with a goal of helping fund replacing the causeway’s surface planking. Chambers added that they have volunteers who are building a “mini-wharf” donation box to receive public donations at the entryway to the wharf. Commissioner Diamanti noted that the Port now has a donation policy and procedure in place and thanked all of those who helped fund preservation needs in the past when the Port was very financially challenged. Commissioner Mishasek asked if the Port has a cost estimate for the stair renovation. Stadler noted that we have preliminary drawings and that permits would need to be received from the town and State agencies making it a more complicated project than one might think.

7. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT -- Rambo reported the following; 7.1 Port Administration and General Operations

o Financial--In addition to the items covered earlier, noted that the PSE bill was in areas and a notice to terminate service at Greenbank Farm was issued because our previous accounting service was behind in paying our bills. Likewise, our account with Comcast was also in arrears. Comcast was not aware that we are a governmental entity meeting only once monthly to approve bills and therefore needing more time to pay items presented. Comcast will change our account accordingly from Commercial to Government.

o Staffing/Administrative Assistant ---- Newly hired employee resigned after only one day on the job, stating the job was not a good fit and our computer system is on the brink of failing which she does not want to be accused of on her watch. There may have been other issues as well, related to the stress of a very busy day


involving preparing photocopying for the Commission meeting and having telephone and computer upgrades being done at the same time.
Related item: New admin hire is Orion Gudgell. This prompted discussion of computer system needs with Rambo stating that additional computers are needed to accommodate staff. (Also covered elsewhere in this meeting).

o Staffing/Greenbank Farm --- Rambo stated he wants to create a job description for a Groundskeeper and move current employee Tawn Winger into that spot. and another person will be hired to fill his Facilitieskeeper position. Rambo also said he wants to create a new part-time position of Janitor/Custodian to work weekends and assist with events work as needed. He noted that we’re entering the busy season and need staff to service restrooms multiple times daily.

o Jim Davis House spaces, POC office and community meeting room/kitchen -- Rambo said he is moving his office\ into is moving to the former Organic Farm School office space (one room), opening a space for the Events Coordinator to work on-site. He noted phone and computer service will be added later but for now four people will be sharing two computers. He pointed out that the front office has only one electrical outlet serving computers, peripherals, copier, etc. and the JDH electrical system needs upgrading to meet needs of multiple offices.

o Office computer system and telephone system update -- Rambo noted that we are working with Joel Kennedy at A-Tech to enable our existing and recently donated computer to link to our printers. Diamanti suggested that this might be an opportune time to authorize addition of another

o Port credit card application is in process through Whidbey Island Bank and includes switching the Port’s existing credit card processing service to Elevon, a less expensive option than our current processing service. The new account will also provide the capability to do payroll by automatic deposit.

o Related: Existing computer system status, needs and plans. Stadler noted that additional phones and computers in the JDH could be linked to a security system for the office and Bard D. Rambo noted that we also need to install a landline to the caretaker’s cottage because cell coverage is unreliable to support night security presence provided by Tawn Winger. Stadler said this office phone upgrade would add only $50 to $60 to our existing monthly bill.

o Commissioner Bell suggested getting an appraisal and evaluation for an overall system to meet our current and future needs. O’Donnell noted that at this time A- Tech is meeting our needs and we might want to pursue some sort of monthly service agreement with them. Staff agreed to look into this and report back to Commissioners.

7.2 Coupeville Wharf/Marina Operations

o Barbara Bennett of Sound Water Stewards (SWS) reported on progress of the new marine environment display in the foyer. Demolition has been accomplished by volunteers from SWS and Coupeville Lions. Electrical work has been done to accommodate a new video system and a third outlet to enable equipment to be used for meetings and housekeeping. Walls have been primed for painting and cutout murals will be attached to the wall next week.

Action: Upon motion made, seconded and passed unanimously, the Port will pay the labor cost for the additional electrical outlet in the amount of $ 180.


!  A new cabinet with interactive capability will be installed next week allowing visitors to choose among several videos offered.

!  Bennett noted that the foyer should be routinely monitored to prevent delivery boxes, signs and other items not block the display elements.

!  There was discussion about allocating space in the foyer and having policy about placement of signs. Staff will discuss with tenants to determine best options.

o Fire suppression system (See Unfinished Business)
o Memorandum of Understanding with Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation

(CNHF) regarding schooner “SUVA” – Rambo noted that he has added items to the prior draft, as follows; date for payment to be received by Port; length of vessel is 68 feet Length-Over-Water; and, no overhanging the wharf at the bow and a maximum of three feet overhang at stern.

Action: Upon motion made, seconded and passed unanimously, the Commissioners accepted the revised MOU for presentation to the CMHF for signature by their authorized representative.

7.3 Greenbank Farm

o April 25 burglary follow up – Damon Stadler reported that approximately $2,000 worth of tools and equipment were stolen and an inventory of missing items is in work. Rambo noted a claim has been filed with Enduris, the Port’s insurance company. Once completed the inventory will be submitted with a request for reimbursement. There was a lengthy discussion among Commissioners, staff and public attendees about security systems.

Action: Upon motion made, seconded and approved unanimously Commissioners agreed to the expenditure contingent on Commissioner Mishasek’s favorable investigation of customer reviews on the products’ performance.

o Second public Port-a-Potty. Rambo noted Gabelein Brothers has stationed a second unit in the parking lot near Barn D but it will be re-located off the grassy area and onto pavement to serve walkers and folks working their p-patches.

o Marketing, Events and Barn A enhancements – O’Donnell

O’Donnell is attending merchants group meetings, who reported increased sales in April, partly due to weather and partly to cooperative advertising with the farm, and an improved appearance greeting farm visitors.

A Facebook page has been up and running for a few weeks.

We getting highly positive feedback from tenants, visitors and the community in

general regarding the farm and their experiences here.

Gallery tenant businesses have installed three display cases in the hallway outside

the restrooms. End result is an attractive addition to the décor.

Signage is being refreshed by Stadler and Fine Balance Imaging.

Events are being promoted through two google calendars, including First Fridasy

and Master Gardener meetings, weddings are getting more interest.

Website is being developed with Go Daddy as previously approved.

Donations for the musicians fund are coming from merchants and others.

She went on to innumerate scheduled and booked events including “First

Fridays”, relays, bike tours, weddings, Fall, Winter and Holiday celebrations.


She noted that the world class Alder Quartet has offered to do a benefit to raise funds for chairs for Barn A. Most likely to take place June 12.

She also stressed that we are attempting to honor past arrangements to the extent practicable. Commissioner Diamanti suggested all commissioners meet with O’Donnell to discuss event, facility and budgeting related issues.

O’Donnell proposed the Commissioners approve replacement of the canvas now separating the “industrial commercial” delivery area from event area of Barn A. She noted the existing “painter’s tarp” is unattractive, giving a negative impression to prospective event holders when touring the facility. She added, upgrading this fabric partition would lend additional charm to the hallway connecting the main area and wine tasting space to the restroom hallway. Commissioner Bell expressed concern about this being a project that is more of a singular incremental approach rather than a management process that is part of broad budget-based structure for tracking income and expenses of the facility. This led to an extensive discussion regarding how to go about dealing with similar pressing issues and needs in the future. Following that discussion, Bell questioned if the curtain material is fire resistant versus fireproof. O’Donnell said she believed this was the most flame retardant material available for this purpose and would pose this question to the canvasmaker.

Diamanti suggested that the curtain wall be done subject to fire marshal approval.

Mishasek moved that the curtain be done subject to fire marshal approval.

Public comment: Meg Mishasek suggested this canvas wall be done as a priority to improve the appearance of the space to prospective renters and thereby cultivate more space rentals.

ACTION—Motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to expend $751 for the described canvas curtain wall to separate the hallway from back service area of Barn A.

Recess: Commissioner Diamanti called for a brief recess at 12:25 Meeting resumed 12:31

o Re-visit item 7.3 Burglary follow-up, additional actions -- Stadler provided Commissioners with product information regarding high security metal cabinets to be used for tool and equipment storage in Barn D. He requested Commissioners approve expenditure of approximately $1700 to acquire these units, which are special order items through Home Depot. Stadler also briefed Commissioners on a related item regarding installing a comprehensive on-site security system from Whidbey Telecom. The estimated cost of a system for the JDH and Barn D is $ 1, 751.95. He noted a full on-site system covering all structures, solar field, and grounds would cost in the range of $18,000. Commissioner Diamanti asked if we could follow-up with Enduris to determine how we should proceed and maybe do a risk evaluation. Rambo noted that individual tenants are responsible for their own security systems for interiors but the Port might be liable for exterior security surveillance. Bell asked if Enduris provides risk evaluations and Rambo said he will check into this with Mark Antonetti at Enduris. Stadler noted that at this point he is keeping tools overnight in his personal vehicle. Bell said he would like to see a competitive price on the security system. Mishasek said he would like to go on line to see buyer’s reviews of the cabinet system from Home Depot. Delivery time for the cabinets is three weeks. Commissioner Bell asked what the timeline is to begin


replacing tools. Stadler replied that we are already doing so because the tools are needed to do existing tasks. Mishasek asked if Endurins can provide a rider on the policy to cover transport of tools in private vehicles. Diamanti suggested that this purchase be made after due diligence that the cited cabinets will perform as we need. Mishasek asked what our deductible is with Enduris. Rambo said he didn’t know but would look into it.

Action – Motion made, seconded and passed unanimously authorizing Rambo to go forward with the purchase from Home Depot contingent on Mishasek’s research finding they are suitable to our needs at an acceptable price.


o 8.1 Donated logo disposition –Diamanti said he wanted to know from artist Scott Rosenkrantsz if the donated logo could be used with the omission of “Arts & Events Center”. He asks tis because Rosenkranz’s donation letter states that any changes to the logo would be billed at his standard rate for the work. Diamnati stated that he had asked Rambo to check with Rosenkranz regarding this and Rambo reported that he had attempted to contact the artist but Rosenkranz had not yet returned his call. Bell suggested that the logo be used as-is for the next 60-90 days to get feedback on the theme we want to convey about the farm. He added that the logo is now in a digital file that can be easily altered if desired and for now plan to evaluate it in its many uses later in the year. Commissioner Mishasek expressed some concern about a “donation” stipulating how the Port could use that donation. Bell noted that the primary stipulation was that the logo be for a public use. O’Donnell noted that the current logo wording excludes other uses such as walking trails and nature. Rambo suggested that the slogan “Arts & Events Center” be omitted entirely. Further discussion ensued.

Action: Motion made, seconded and passed unanimously to keep the current proposed logo and wording and re-visit this topic after 90 days of it being in general use.

8.2 Greenbank Farm.com and website related items – O’Donnell reported she is working with Joel Kennedy at A-Tech solutions to get this set-up with Go Daddy and will be receiving the logo as a jpeg file from Commissioner Bell. The existing Website for Port of Coupeville .org will be switched over into a new “drag and drop” software format and the existing data archived to prevent any loss of this information which could be used later on. Greenbankfarm.com will be linked to the existing portofcoupeville.org.

8.3 Guidelines regarding Business Development, Marketing and Marketing Communications -- Commissioner Bell noted that he is waiting to get a clear financial forecast in order to provide dedicated budgets that will accurately portray income and expense for marketing and related activities. He said he is waiting for financial projections from Katie Munoz in order to present those budget figures and know that he is not asking for money we don’t have.

8.4 Greenbank Farm Organic Market proposal – O’Donnell noted having met with Rambo and Bell about the how to approach this idea. The general consensus was to gather research in 2016 and launch in 2017. Bell noted that there is very little risk to be just a site for this market and that not a lot of research is necessary.

8.5 Capital equipment needs and guidelines – Rambo said he believes the Port should acquire a vehicle for Port use versus using employee’s vehicles.


O’Donnell reported an outreach from folks at Goosefoot regarding their need for a commercial kitchen. She and Rambo will be meeting with Marina to discuss their ideas and how we might collaborate. If as an event facility, we could modify some flexible space between Barn A and Barn B freeing up space in Barn A and allowing easy access to restrooms. Commissioner Bell requested to participate in the meeting citing that the idea has tremendous potential like Dancing Fish Farm and Orchard Kitchen. O’Donnell also noted Kickstarter is an option for indiviudals to do ideas that could participate with the Port and farm .

8.6 Establishing matching fund for donations, musician specific donation –O’Donnell reported on a meeting with the donor of a replacement stove for Barn A who also asked what else she could do to help. She agreed to provide $1,000 launch a fund for modest honorariums for musicians

8.7 Jim Davis House, prospective uses for vacated space to enhance visitor experience – Rambo reported he will be putting “For Lease” sign in window of the space nearest Shouten’s studio. Also he will meet with Whidbey Pies principals to determine interest in installing a small food service that would serve early arriving visitors to the farm. Possible ideas include sales of coffee, baked goods, ice cream, etc. He suggests they should have the courtesy of right of first refusal. He noted having a small food service with tables and chair would provide resting spot allowing vantage point of hill and serve walkers and others arriving well before Pie Café opens. O’Donnell mentioned food trucks in the parking losts would offer great potential for weekend and event visitors.

Bell noted that he wants to make sure we open these ideas to the general public and not limit our prospects.

Public Comment: Rob Shouten expressed a concern about people gathering on the lawn in front of his working studio. As a 13 year tenant of the farm he generally favors the idea but wants to maintain his working environment privacy. Rambo said he is sensitive to balancing needs of existing tenants and interests of visitors. Schouten also noted that the abrupt turn in the parking lot is dangerous, that food trucks in the far parking lot will be dealing with winds from the hill. Lasstly, he reported the tenants are very impressed with the way the farm is now being worked collaboratively.

Mishasek asked if we had been trying to lease the space above the pie café. Rambo noted the space is of marginal quality and not ADA accessible. While there have been a few tentative inquiries there was no serious follow-up from any prospective tenant. Rob Schouten wondered if there was a plant to remodel the space between the restrooms and the entry and install a better stairway access to the old office. Rambo replied that this a possible idea for the future but not a priority at this time.

Mishasek asked if there were additional offices at the JDH and Rambo said the former bedrooms are being used for staff offices for the Facilities Maintenance Manager and the Events coordinator.

o Fire Suppression System (also mentioned in E.D. report) Stadler provided updated info on the costs related to the systrems compressor and concomitant electrical service panel replacement. service. The electric panel replacement is a long-standing need according to CK Electric. Stadler noted costs for the electrician of $ 3,400 plus disconnect fee from PSE plus any unforeseen problems in penetrating wall plus framing. This in addition to the cost of the compressor at $ 8,109.18 bringing the low end estimate to around $ 14,000. So our


request for $25,000 in “.09” funding would be ample to cover. . Stadler also stated that during replacement of the electrical panel the fuel system will still need to be powered and he has a generator of sufficient size to do this, which he will make available.

o Diamanti noted that he will be hand-delivering 10 copies of this information with related specification sheets, to the County for our .09 application presentation on May 25.

Format: Presentation, Commission Deliberation, public comment, action

9.1 Proposed staff adjustments at Greenbank Farm Rambo is proposing the following; o Change one facilitieskeeper position to Groundskeeper
o Add janitor /custodian weekends only

He will be coming back to Commissioners with job descriptions for both.

9.2 Acquiring a COSTCO Business Account -- Rambo suggested the Port could save money by purchasing paper goods and other items through COSTCO versus current vendor. COSTCO delivers to existing tenants at Greenbank Farm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He will look into the cost of a membership and the minimum dollar amount to qualify for free delivery.

10. PRESIDING OFFICERS REPORT – None other than already referenced in the meeting 11. COMMISSIONER COMMENTS/COMMITTEE REPORTS

Commissioner Bell noted that he had not yet been able to convene a meeting of the Marketing Committee.

Commissioner Mishasek said he had planned to attend yesterday’s meeting of the Port of South Whidbey Island to observe how they conduct their meetings but the meeting had been rescheduled to a later date

O’Donnell said she will be attending the 2% Hotel Motel Tax training on May 17th.

Commissioner Bell asked if a separate meeting could be scheduled for review of a

Business Development plan, and Marketing related to Greenbank Farm. It was agreed to do this on Thursday 26 May at 9 a.m. subject to availability of the Coupeville Masonic Temple

EXECUTIVE SESSION (if required) -- None


ADJOURN 1:51 p.m.

Next regular meeting Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 10 a.m. at the
Masonic Lodge
804 North Main, Coupeville WA