You have landed on the Port of Coupeville's Comprehensive Scheme project update page!  There is an abundance of information on this page, including notes from all three previous meetings, a presentation by CAI to kick off the process, a link to our Public Comment Tool, and the timeline of past benchmarks as well as future meetings planned (Dates TBD).  As always, please feel free to email or call the Port to get any updates or even ask questions.

Participation at our last public meeting was excellent!  We were thrilled that so many community members came out to share ideas and provide feedback.  Below is a list of information for your review, please remember to utilize our Public Comment Tool at any time, day or night, so your opinions and feedback can be processed.

Upcoming Open Public Special Meeting - Commissioner Comp Scheme Workshop
The Commissioners will be engaging in a Comp Scheme Workshop on August 29th, 2017.  The location will be the Jim Davis House, Suite E, at the Greenbank Farm.  The time of the meeting will be 10 AM.  We encourage our community to experience the workshop, so please make it if you can.  You can click here for the agenda:  AGENDA POC SPECIAL MEETING 8-29-17.pdf

Here is the link to the Public Comment Tool:

Here is a link to the notes from our first CAC meeting:  CAI#1 Summary 2017 0728.pdf

Here is a link to the notes from the second CAC meeting:  CAI#2 Summary 2017 0801.pdf

Here is a link to the notes from our first Open Public Meeting:  CAI.Public Meeting Summary 2017 0804.pdf

Here is a link to the timeline of past and future benchmarks:  CAI.Coupeville Schedule DRAFT 2017 0804.pdf

To view the Scope of Work for the sessions, you can click here:  CAI.Port of Coupeville Scope_CAC Meeting 2017 0628.pdf

There will be another public meeting scheduled to share the updated plan and gather one last round of feedback before finalizing the plan for approval.  Please plan on attending or utilize the Public Comment Tool so your ideas are processed and considered!

For questions or comments, please email or call 360.222.3151.


Please click here to view the Port of Coupeville Request for Qualifications for Consultant Services for Preparation of a Port Comprehensive Scheme and Strategic Plan.

The Port anticipates issuing a Request for Proposals in the near future to address signage for Greenbank Farm, adjacent to the farm along Highway 525.   

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