Meeting Documents

​​​​​Documents for Upcoming and Recent Board of Commissioners meetings:


Date Posted         DOCUMENT(S)

10/9/2017             Agenda, Resolution #247, ED Report


​Board Date              Documents for Previous Board of Commissioners meetings

9/19/2017              2018 Preliminary Budget and Updated Proposed Fee Schedule and Sept. 20, 2017Agenda 
Resolution 245 2018 Budget Tax Levy Computations
Resolution #236, Transfer Security Funds
6/14/17                   Utilization of of Jason Joiner (Windermere) to advertise and gather options for leasing Unit Barn C-103
​6/14/17                   Commission Structure-Joiner-Unit Barn C-103

5/10/17                   Resolution 235, Assigning the function of Public Records Officer to the Executive Director   
Executive Director Employment Agreement and Job Description 

4/12/17                   MOU as to Potential Public/Private Partnership between the Port of Coupeville and Whidbey Telecom

4/12/17                   Resolution 232 - Appointment of Claims Agent 

4/12/17                   Tort Claims Form to accompany Resolution 232  

4/12/17                   Port of Coupeville Rent Study for Greenback Farm

4/12/17                   Port of Coupeville Rent Study for Coupeville Wharf

4/12/17                   Resolution 233 - Close bank account and rescind resolution 217

4/12/17                   Resolution 234 - Appointment of Investment and Auditing Officers

4/12/17                   Proposed Fee Schedule for Greenbank Farm Facilities 

3/8/17​                     Resolution 229 - Revised Marina Policies and Fees​ 

3/8/17                     Resolution 230 - Revision to POC Bylaws

​3/8/17                     Resolution 231 - Public Records Act Policy

3/8/17                     2017 Contract for On Site Wastewater Treatment System Monitoring