Port of Coupeville Resolutions



Resolution 249. Transfer $700 from Maintenance account to Trust account from Seaside & Sylvan deposit

Resolution 248, Transfer of Funds for Bond Payment

Resolution 247, Greenbank Farm Event Fee Schedule

Resolution 246, Executive Assistant Position

Resolution 245, 2018 Tax Levy Budget Computation

Resolution 244, Amendment for Moorage Operations

Resolution 243, Transfer Security Funds

Resolution 242, Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form

Resolution 241, Job Description for Admin Assistant

Resolution 240, Job Description for Facilities Caretaker

Resolution 239, Job Description for Facilities Maintenance Technician

Resolution 238, Job Description for Harbormaster

Resolution 237, Port of Coupeville Employee Handbook

Resolution 236, Funds Transfer

Resolution 235, Assigning the function of Public Records Officer to the Executive Director 

Resolution 234, Appointment of Investment and Auditing Officers

Resolution 233, Close Direct Deposit Account

Resolution 232, Appointment of Tort Claims Agent

Resolution 231, Public Records Act Policy
Resolution 230, Revision to POC Bylaws

Resolution 229, Revised Marina Policies and Fees

Resolution 228, Credit Card Policy

Resolution 227, Reimbursement of Travel and Business Expenses

Resolution 226, Funds Transfer

Resolution 225, Appointment of District 3 Commissioner

Resolution 224, Work Session to Precede all Regular Meetings

Resolution 223, Tax Levy 2017

Resolution 222, Appointment of Public Records Officer

Resolution 221, Appointment of Auditing and Alternate Auditing Officers

Resolution 220, Public Comment at Public Meetings

Resolution 219, Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization

Resolution 218, Appointment of Auditing Officer

Resolution 217, Establish Direct Deposit Account

Resolution 216, Establish Port Credit Card Limit

Resolution 215, Policy Regarding Donations to the Port of Coupeville

Resolution 214, Appointment of Records Officer

Resolution 213, Appointment of Auditing Officer

Resolution 212, Appointment of Claims Agent

Resolution 211, Appointment of Auditing Officer

Resolution 210, Amend resolution 129 prohibition regarding credit cards

Resolution 209, Credit Card Policy

Resolution 208​, Bylaws-Order of Business

Resolution 207, Appointment of Auditing Officer