Strategic Directions

The following are the strategic directions the Port of Coupeville has identified for its 2007-2026 Comprehensive Plan. See Section III and Section IV for complete project and initiative descriptions and implementation. The decision to move forward with a project or initiative will be driven by organizational and staff resources, and funding availability.


  1. Progressively change the use of a portion of the wharf building to a marine education center.
  2. Increase the awareness of boaters in the region of the Coupeville marine facility, its amenities, and nearby shops, restaurants, accommodations and attractions.
  3. Establish the wharf as a link in a viable marine passenger transportation system.
  4. Re-establish waterfront facilities in the Town of Coupeville to serve as a freight link for local marine-based businesses, independently or in partnership with others.
  5. Increase use of the marine facility wharf and mooring sites by recreational and tour vessels.
  6. Maintain and enhance the attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability of the Front Street entrance to the facility.


  1. Explore the feasibility of placing a conservation easement on portions of the Port Tract at the Greenbank Farm identified by the Port.
  2. Manage and pursue development of the Port Tract in accordance with a Master Site Plan that is compatible with Port District values.
  3. Increase awareness among locals and visitors of Farm shops, caf and other amenities.
  4. Support Island Countys development of hand-craft boat launch site(s) to Holmes Harbor.
  5. Explore the feasibility of re-establishing a marine transportation link to Holmes Harbor for passengers and products in the Greenbank area.
  6. Initiate an evaluation process in 2012 to consider the Ports options for the management and operations of the Port Tract after termination of contracts in 2014.


  1. Stabilize and invigorate the agricultural economy by identifying and implementing innovative projects, independently or in partnership with others.
  2. Establish a publicly owned general aviation air transportation facility, independently or in partnership with others.
  3. Develop a light industrial facility that is compatible with Port District values.
  4. Support alternative, sustainable energy generation projects in partnership with others.
  5. Utilize reasonable energy conservation practices in its activities.
  6. Establish a marine refuge harbor for boaters on the western shore of the Port District.

Comprehensive Plan