Comprehensive Plan

Strategic Statements


The mission of the Port of Coupeville is to exercise the powers authorized by Washington State law to sustain and enhance the economic and environmental health of the Port District through activities consistent with its values.


The essential values of the Port of Coupeville are as follows.

  • Stewardship
    A commitment to protect and enhance Central Whidbey Islands natural environment, marine resources, historic, rural and agricultural character.
  • Opportunity
    A commitment to create sustainable economic infrastructure which supports a diverse and healthy entrepreneurial business climate within the Port district.
  • Community
    A commitment to promote public awareness and involvement in all its aspects of the Ports activities.
  • Integrity
    A commitment to open and honest public disclosure; the prudent and responsible management of Port resources; the ethical and conscientious exercise of its legal authority.


Consistent with its mission and values, the vision for the future of the Port of Coupeville is three-fold.

  1. To be a collaborative organization, which maximizes the impact of its economic development activities by seeking community partnerships and public/private sector funding opportunities.
  2. To be a good steward of properties under its ownership before undertaking new development.
  3. To actively seek economic development opportunities that are compatible with the Central Whidbey Island culture.